A Complete Guide For Kids Wedding Guest Attire

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A Complete Guide For Kids Wedding Guest Attire

Deciding what to wear as a guest to something as important as a wedding isn’t always easy and it can be even harder when you have little ones to think about as you not only have to consider your own outfit but theirs too. If you’re needing a bit of guidance for the big day then you’ve come to the right place as we have delved into a few different dress code options and come up with a couple of ideas to help you on your way to becoming the best-dressed wedding guest!


Your invite may specify a dress code and you might be left thinking ‘what on earth do the children wear?!’ so we have summarised a few dress codes to clarify the kind of outfit you should be looking at. 


Black tie weddings are the most formal of the dress codes (not including white tie), most likely to be used for a formal evening event. Guests usually dress in tuxedos and floor-length dresses. 



Taking the time of the wedding into account is a good starting point for deciding what to wear to a Semi-formal wedding. For an evening, we advise wearing darker, more formal colours whereas for a daytime we recommend opting for lighter colours and fabrics. 



The basic dress code for a casual wedding is to wear something comfortable and not over-the-top. It’s also good to consider wearing something suitable for a day and night. 



Formal weddings usually require slightly less formal attire than a black-tie wedding. Instead of a tux, guests usually opt for a smart suit and a fancy dress. 


Destination weddings are more than likely going to be in a hot environment so it’s best to think about being comfortable whilst keeping dressy. Waistcoat suits and a lighter fabric dress would be ideal. 


If you need it, we’ve also made a cheat sheet!



Whatever you decide to dress your child in, the most important factor to consider is how comfortable the outfit is as they will be spending a significant amount of time in it. Ensuring the fit of the item is a great start, so if you're interested in purchasing any of our items we advise taking a look at the size guides to get the perfect fit!