An Introduction: The England Suit

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An Introduction: The England Suit

There are many ways to show your support for the England squad during the 2022 World Cup, and we have made one of them. The England Collection by Roco is designed to have you supporting (and hopefully celebrating) in style so, why not put the footy kit away and show some team spirit in The England Suit?

Being a British-born company, football is ingrained in our culture and we have always wanted to create something timeless and special whilst sticking to what we know: Children’s occasion wear. The suit started out as an idea amongst our directors which has now become a reality, and recent history such as Covid-19 has shown us how we as a country came together in hard times, reminding us how we also come together in celebration of good times too (flashback to us all screaming at the telly during the Euros last year). 

Take a look at the inspo behind it all. 


When we started designing the suit, we knew we wanted to incorporate the almost-too-recognisable colours of the England flag and as we know we can perfect a navy suit, we married the two ideas together to create our very first 5 piece suit with subtle England details and three new complimentary accessories to go with it! 

Some of The England Suit details include: 

- An England flag pin 
- Dark navy colour 
- Red lining 
- England flag embroidery on the trousers 
- Roco branding 
- England flag coloured button details and embroidery on the shirt 
- Accessories to go with the suit 



The National Flag of England features in multiple ways across the England Suit. The trousers are embroidered with a small yet stand-out flag, in contrast to the tonal embroidery on the shirt. The shirt also features contrasting neck and sleeve buttons with blue buttonholes and red button threads which form a cross. Attention is also drawn to the removable enamel lapel pin on the jacket exterior and woven brand labels on the interior. 

The England National Football Crest Features one single gold star, commemorating the World Cup triumph of 1966. This in mind, The England Suit trousers have been designed by ROCO to feature a gold metal brand tab above the back jet pocket, honouring the celebration. 

Lined in red; the colour of courage and strength. Sure to stand out from the crowd, with a flash of red colour.


Designed with footy fans in mind, we have delved deep into the England team’s legacy, sourcing inspiration from primary colours and famous figures. We’ve considered every fine detail to complete the Roco England Suit, and have finished it off with our England enamel pin which is both a one-of-a-kind detail and a sentimental keepsake.


If you want to celebrate in style, you will be sure to be top of the league when sporting The England Suit by Roco!