Brand Focus : Early Days

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Brand Focus : Early Days

Early Days has seen plenty of rapid success since it was founded in 1952, but this decade has seen world wide demand for their baby footwear thanks to Royal family connections. It's no surprise with their range of adorable styles and brand values that make their shoes a staple piece for every baby's wardrobe.

Early Days is a family business that began at the home of brothers, Tony and Michael Bolton in the 1950's. Both spent the first year cutting shoes by hand while living with their parents. Eventually the brothers where able to move into a small unit 12 months later employing a handful of workers as their business began to expand into something bigger.

The company consisted of two brands; Early Days and Baypods which saw a surge in growth very quickly throughout the late 20th century. In the 1980s, Michael's son joined the team which continued to grow to over 100 employees as they started producing 10,000 pairs of shoes a week. Problems soon developed for many British companies who produced their stock in the UK as it became cheaper to produce goods abroad. Although many companies chosen this option, Early Days continued to manufacture products in their Leicester factory with challenges along the way.

 "Presumably, because these shoes were made in England and we predominately use the Union flag, it might have helped make the sale."

 Paul Bolton, Managing Director 

The risk of continuing to manufacture their products in the UK paid off, and helped Early Days as a brand to stand out from the rest. Customers took advantage of the high quality footwear, made from top grade Italian softee leather. The company is now run by Michael's town sons Paul and Chris, who like their father and uncle are committed to British manufacturing and helping to grow the UK economy.


Early Days rapidly took off during this decade thanks to a little Prince and Princess. Sales went through the roof when Prince George was spotted wearing a pair of Early Day's navy leather shoes in 2014. "We couldn't have chosen a better baby to model our shoes." Paul Bolton, Managing Director. Soon later, his little sister, Princess Charlotte took in the footsteps of her brother by regularly sporting the shoes herself which triggered a world wide of sales, creating a 50% increase in export sales. Thousands of customers wrote into the company asking to purchase a pair of the cute shoes.