Brand Focus: Patachou

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Brand Focus: Patachou

Patachou is the brainchild of fashion-loving, entrepreneurial mother/daughter combo, Sofia Ferriera and Marta Sousa, respectively. Find out how they founded Patachou and where the brand is today!

From just six years of age, Sofia took Marta along to trade shows in Paris, New York and London. They always enjoyed each other’s company, and exposure to the industry from such a young age sparked a passion for baby and kids clothing in Marta.


Patachou, pronounced Paah-taah-choo, was born with over two decades of family know-how to back it up. The family has been involved in the textile business for many years, operating from the north of Portugal; home to Sofia and Marta.

The pair decided to build the brand using their knowledge of the industry and eye for detail. They share a similar taste when it comes to fashion, which no doubt helps when working in partnership to create a brand they both love. The workload is split between the two; production and HR fall to Sofia’s watchful eye, while creative direction and sales go to Marta. 


The dream behind Patachou was to create a childrenswear universe based off classic, yet fun proposals. The duo didn’t want more of the same; they wanted a fresh and exciting brand.

" There are people who are afraid of change, I am afraid things will not change. "

Sofia Ferriera

A combination of exclusive design and premium materials culminate to create chic and timeless European style. Style that radiates luxury and is appreciated the world over; all at an affordable cost. Luxury and affordability rarely go hand-in-hand, but this is a feat Patachou have achieved.


Today, Patachou is a childrenswear powerhouse operating in over 30 countries. The brand has achieved its goals of creating an enchanting world through their beautiful garments. One of the most notable features of Patachou is their highly commendable “Spreading Smiles” initiative.


The initiative is held on the belief that every child deserves the very best care possible; health, education, and clothing. To help make this belief a reality for as many children as possible, Patachou donate a piece of brand new clothing for every three pieces sold to Caron De Vida; a charity based in Mexico. The clothes donated can be for work or play; the only aim is to spread happiness, help and comfort to children in need. This honourable initiative is one of the many reasons that pushed us at Roco to stock Patachou (along with the gorgeous garments!). We love to be able to say we are contributing to this movement. Watch the video below to see exactly who Caron De Vida are and what they do.