Brand Focus: Sarah Louise

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Brand Focus: Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise; a luxury children's occasion wear brand established nearly 50 years ago and showing no signs of slowing down. Here's why they're a brand you should keep your eye on.

1969 was a huge year for many historical events. It saw The Beatles’ last public performance on the roof of Apple Records. It saw the first Concorde test flight in France. The globally renowned Woodstock festival took place in the United States, and Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon. Among these pillars of modern society, Sarah Louise was being established by Leonard and Diane Given in their family home in Liverpool.


Leonard and Diane’s initial motivation for Sarah Louise came from their youngest daughter. They wanted to create superior hand-embroidered, hand-smocked dresses for her to wear. From day one, every garment was created with a relentless pursuit for quality and innovation at the forefront. The finest quality of materials, the very best manufacturing processes, and the most imaginative design; all culminating into a beautiful product.

The finest quality of materials, the very best manufacturing processes, and the most imaginative design; all culminating into beautiful products. "

Sarah Louise

It's no surprise, therefore, that Sarah Louise are famed for their stunningly smocked dresses and hand-embroidered christening wear. The level of care taken with each garment, to make sure the piece is as special as the moment it is worn, is impressive.  Every piece created by Sarah Louise tells a story; possibly through the delicate stitching, or the choice of motif emblazoned on the fabric. Wherever the story may lie, every garment has a history and deep thought process behind it. This results in the truly hand-made aesthetic and feel of Sarah Louise’s collections.

Today, Sarah Louise is an internationally recognised childrenswear brand with divisions in countless countries. Although the company has scaled into a much larger business in comparison with its humble beginnings, the same level of care taken on day one continues to this day. The company remains a family owned and managed company; Sarah and her husband Noel continue to be heavily involved with design and fabric selection. This is key to maintaining the quality buyers have come to expect from the brand. This is what sets Sarah Louise apart.


The complete Autumn/Winter 2017 collection showcases this care. A/W ’17 brings gorgeous shades of red, cool colours in baby blue (check out the PERFECT shoes to match) and blossom pink, along with timeless ivory and white. Classic tartans mixed with eclectic prints make for really enchanting occasion wear with the unique twist for the daring amongst us.

As one might expect, and hope for the sake of their child, this range really takes into consideration comfort and warmth for the child in these cooler months. The collection has heavy faux fur gilets, perfect for layering over a casual look. Use of thick wool, velvet (if you're a fan of velvet, we've got just the thing) and cashmere make for a perfect defence against the icy winter breeze whilst keeping the child looking the epitome of style.


However, Sarah Louise’s forte is delicate, timeless occasion wear; something they haven’t missed in this collection. The collection features a variety of beautiful gowns, entrancing ceremonial veils and dainty laced dresses to satisfy those searching for a look of everlasting elegance.


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