Real Wedding Stories: Phoebe & Shenton

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Real Wedding Stories: Phoebe & Shenton

With wedding season fast approaching, we caught up with recently wed Mrs Phoebe Green to give us the low down on all things wedding. With an exclusive insight into one of the most glamorous weddings, Phoebe's tips are a must-read for any brides going for the luxury look!

We first started following Phoebe for the ultimate mum and son style inspo, but back in May, the family caught our attention when they played a huge part in their friend’s wedding (we love a good wedding!). With Phoebe as Maid of Honour, fiancé Shenton as Best Man and Parker as Page Boy, and with just three months till her own big day, Phoebe had been in full wedding planning mode for over a year! With perspectives of bride and bridal party so we thought who best to ask to share their wedding experiences!

When she tied the knot herself in September, all the family’s wedding planning had paid off, with a wedding celebration that looked simply stunning. Choosing a glamourous black tie theme, the wedding party looked truly elegant at their enchanting venue. Phoebe looked striking against the all black wedding party. We wanted to ask her all about her dress journey, as for most brides this is their most important Big Day decision. Phoebe’s dress was beautiful but we wanted to know if it was love at first sight?! Here’s what she had to say…


I had dreamed of this day for a long time and thought I would know instantly if I found my dress! For me this wasn’t the case, I headed to about three or four shops before I found what I thought to be my dress. I liked the dress and I decided to go ahead. I thought maybe we don’t all get that rush of love for our dress until the actual day comes and I’m trying it with my hair done and my shoes on. When my actual dress arrived from America I hated it, I had fallen out of love with it, even though I know deep down I don’t think I ever really loved it in the first place. I couldn’t believe this was happening three months before the big day. But when I walked back in that day to try it another dress caught my eye which I knew I hadn’t seen when I picked mine. I asked about this dress,  it was new in today! I felt like it was sign. I tried it on and I couldn’t stop smiling!! This is what the rush of love for a dress felt like, I had finally found my DREAM dress.

So brides, the key is don’t panic buy! Trust that gut feeling and just like with your partner, you’ll know when you find the right one! Talking of grooms, there's always so much focus on the wedding dress, that choosing the groom's outfit is often underrated. But Phoebe made sure her groom stood out in a handmade luxe tuxe!


When looking for suit’s for Shenton, we started to look in retail store’s because the range available is amazing! But I soon began to realise that probably a lot of our guests would be looking in the same place. So I suggested a tuxedo which at first he declined but after going to a wedding suit shop he soon realised how smart and how much it would stand out. My husband’s tux was handmade especially for him, he had a velvet style jacket, whilst the grooms men had a normal style. We wanted his to stand out and be different.


When I saw Roco Clothing offered the Valentino Suit which had velvet collar and lapel which was like a contrast of both the groom and groomsmen suit’s, I knew this was the one- together they would all look so smart and matching. When we first tried the suit on, Parker was over the moon he kept saying ohhh pretty so he definitely loved the suit!

With us deciding on tuxedos for the men I knew that black bridesmaid dresses would look so classy and the photos would be amazing. I only decided to go for black dresses about 7 weeks before the wedding, I had a lot of people say that black would be too harsh against my dress so I was undecided for a long while. I’m so happy with how it all turned out and glad with my decision to go ahead.

If you love everything about … big day then be sure to check out her supplier list below. All photographs were capture by the talented Robert Marriott Photography.

Make up artist - Avril Jarrett

Hair - Kerri bridal hair

Venue - The Darenth

Flowers - Flowers by Marion