Bow Tie Vs Neck Tie - When Should You Wear What?

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Bow Tie Vs Neck Tie - When Should You Wear What?

Your choice of accessory can make or break a look and we know it can be hard to pair the correct neckwear with an outfit you have your heart set on. The theme of an event may also dictate what you can or can’t wear, or you may want to stand out from the crowd whilst also following a dress code.


The best place to start when deciding on whether to wear a bow tie or necktie is to consider how formal or casual the event will be (if you are attending a wedding why not take a look at our post on wedding guest attire?). Many events will specify a dress code, but if there isn’t one and you’re left spoilt for choice you may be wondering what’s acceptable. 



The biggest difference between bow ties and neckties generally is that bow ties offer a higher level of formality than a necktie but there are no specific rules when it comes to choosing neckwear. We have made a checklist to make your options clear for the event or dress code you need to follow but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up when the opportunity arises!  



If you have now decided on whether you will be opting for a necktie or bow tie, the next step may be to purchase one! We have many colour options and patterns to help you stand out. We also offer elasticated and banded versions of most colourways so you can still have a matching moment if your little ones vary in age. 



We also recommend pairing either one with a pocket square to help elevate your look.



You may also be looking for inspo for the rest of the outfit so why not take a look at a few of our suits that come with additional ties and hankies? You can select your favourite combo when it comes to the event or switch it up throughout for a different look. We also stock communion ties to help make the day extra special. Take a look at the Sampson suit below to see how we’ve styled it.



We hope we've helped clarify your neckwear options and when to wear what. Also remember, accessories are a way to help you stand out from the crowd so have fun with choosing what's right for you!