Hello Roco, Goodbye Paisley of London

The Dress Up

Hello Roco, Goodbye Paisley of London

You may have heard the news... Paisley of London is now Roco Clothing!

Here at Roco we have been fully invested in developing our brand identity and giving our customers what they want – more of Roco. As a step forward to championing Roco we have decided to retire our Paisley of London brand and everything from now on will be changing over to the Roco brand. 

Keeping customer experience at the forefront of our values, we have also developed a Roco PREMIERE collection featuring all our extra-special touches. This means you may receive older Paisley of London branding on some items along with some in our new Roco branding. Please don’t worry though – The high quality and affordable prices will still be the same! 

We want to make it clear that if you do receive the same items with different branding, we are using the same materials and specifications so these will be the same great quality, the only difference will be the labels and packaging.