Shop The Look #4

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Shop The Look #4

Introducing Shop The Look #4 with the James tuxedo and flash accessories.

The James is a refined five piece tuxedo that never fails to make an impressive appearance at formal events. If you want to see how to perfectly wear a tuxedo, read up on our Tuxedo guide here.


The James is slim-fitting without being skinny; this continues the formal silhouette. The lapels are satin covered in classic tuxedo style. The buttons, pockets and trouser stitching follow suit. This is the touch that creates the tuxedo we all know today.


Although tuxedos ordinarily do not allow for “flashy” accessories, we have chosen a plaid bow tie and handkerchief to adorn the wing collar shirt. The wing collar shirt really allows the bow tie to shine as the centrepiece of the outfit; with the handkerchief accompanying it in the breast pocket.


You can optionally add a set of braces to add another layer to the look; this is also functional since tuxedo trousers should not be worn with a belt.


A smart pair of patent black shoes are always the best choice when sporting a tuxedo; here we have decided to go with the Nico patent black. The squared off toe-caps maintain a formal aesthetic, although widely rounded toe-caps are another great option. Simply finish with cufflinks for an eye-catching party piece.