Infographic | Pocket Squares: The 4 Best Ways To Wear Them

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Infographic | Pocket Squares: The 4 Best Ways To Wear Them

There is only one true way to finish off the look and feel of a suit, and that’s to sport a pocket square.

It doesn’t accentuate itself too much, but it manages to help you and your young boy express your look without looking like you’re trying too hard. It can also act as a fitting compliment to your tie and waistcoat, adding just a little panache to your overall look. A pocket square should keep in line with the rest of your suit, and the best way to do that is to make sure your pocket square holds the same colour and style as your tie. In other words, a pocket square is much more than just a handkerchief.

Other than looking good, the pocket square doesn’t really provide any use and isn’t essential for anything except style. It does come from a useful place though; it’s inclusion to formal wear originates from Ancient Greece, whereby wealthier Greeks would keep a perfumed hanky in their top pockets in order to cover their mouths from the smell and general filth of the streets.


The task of folding a pocket square may seem glaringly obvious to the uninitiated, but there are actually several different ways of doing it. Some are more intricate and complex than others, but at the end of the day, each method all comes down to personal preference. If the handkerchief is for your young boy, then you are probably going to want to keep things simple, but just in case you want to go wild, there are both some simple folds and more complicated styles. Go ahead and try out the ones we have featured above!