4 Top tips & your guide to communion suit

The Dress Up

4 Top tips & your guide to communion suit

The sacrament of the first Holy Communion is an important time in some boys’ lives. It’s essential to look the part on the day.

Here are a few tips we have to make the process that bit easier.


1. The Church
First and foremost, you should contact the church where the occasion will be held and find out whether they have a specific dress code. Nowadays, most parishes are very relaxed with their dress code. So long as it’s formal and not overly flamboyant, then you should be fine but it should be known that some parishes only accept boys wearing a white suit. Usually, more than one child is involved in the Holy Communion, so it can be a good idea to get chatting to other parents to find out what their children will be wearing – not necessarily to match but just for a better idea of what to look for.


2. Colour & Style
There are countless styles and colours to choose from, traditionally a light ivory or white suit is appropriate but darker shades such as black or navy are now widely accepted as well, but currently, a popular choice tends to be a pure ivory or beige. A white shirt is always going to be the best option for this occasion since it is seen as the most formal, it portrays purity and also matches extremely well with a massive variety of colours.


3. The Accessories
When it comes to the tie, tradition suggests burgundy or royal blue, usually detailed with a chalice motif. Match with colours with beige or ivory for a memorable image whilst keeping in line with the tradition of the occasion.


4. The Shoes
Ultimately the shoes are dependent entirely on the colour of the suit you opt for – white poses a striking image with patent black shoes, a navy suit will always look handsome with a dark brown or tan pair, and black should always be worn with black shoes.

Finally, as we all know – boys will be boys – whether this is his first Communion or not, they tend to explore and get adventurous. Keep this in mind when buying a suit, aim for a suit with light-weight fabrics which offer flexibility and movement as something heavier can weigh him down, whilst being stiff which isn’t what a boy appreciates! However, you should care to go for sturdy fabrics that hold strong when fidgeting and playing. Lastly, follow the golden rules and you should have a clothing-stress free Communion.