Infographic | The Ultimate Tuxedo Guide

The Dress Up

Infographic | The Ultimate Tuxedo Guide

Seeing “black tie” on an invitation can be daunting, even for an adult, so the thought of getting it right for a child can be a scary thought!

But this need not be the case – the strictness of a black tie event makes this one of the easiest outfits to wear properly – here are some tips on how to put it together like 007 himself.

The All Important Jacket

Starting with the jacket – this is the centrepiece. The part of the outfit that the very name of the suit derives from. The jacket should have satin lapels, with an optional satin trim over the breast and front pockets. Be aware, the shinier the lapel, the shinier the neckwear must be as they should match one another! For a more formal occasion, and a slimmer silhouette, an unvented jacket is your best bet. However for comfort, and still a formal look, a double vented jacket is acceptable. The buttons do not necessarily have to manage the lapels, but it is advised.

The Still-Important Trousers

The trousers must be the same base material as the jacket so as to match. The outer seams are concealed beneath a braid which is the same material as the jacket lapels. They should be worn high on the waist, and not have belt loops. A front pleat is optional but a flat front tends to look a little more formal.


Waistcoat or Cummerbund?

A Tuxedo can be worn either with a waistcoat or a cummerbund, interchangeably – so just pick whichever you would prefer. Traditionally, the cummerbund will be made from the same satin as the lapels on the jacket to create a truly uniform look.


The Shoes

The shoes should always be patent black or formal pumps with a grosgrain bow. Since black oxfords are more versatile than pumps, it’s usually a better idea to go with them unless you have a great many formal dinners to attend before your child grows out of them.



The neck wear, as mentioned before, should be the same material as the lapels to match the sheen. You have a few options for a bow tie, but for children, a banded tie is often your go-to since they can be fiddly to re-do once undone.


Following these guidelines should help you dress your child perfectly for the special occasion where a tux is required, you might even pick up a few tips for yourself.