Accessorise For Your Age: A Guide To Boys Ties And Hankies

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Accessorise For Your Age: A Guide To Boys Ties And Hankies

We know it can get complicated when there are a few kids to dress for your event.

Finding accessories for your suit can be hard work, especially when there is a range of sizes added to the mix! Read this helpful guide to help you choose the right accessories for your youngsters.

A lot of our suits are sold as a set which includes a Tie and a Hanky to finish off your look, but if you’re looking for something a little different we have a wide range of timeless patterns, bright colours and fancy prints available separately.




When it comes to Dickie Bows, our Paisley of London range will never disappoint. The bow keeps the perfect shape, you will never have to fiddle with making adjustments.


We do advise that for Children under the age of 5 years, it is best to go with an Elasticated Bow Tie.


Our Elasticated Bow Ties are slightly smaller in size compared to the Banded Dickie Bow and which means that these are in proportion with the shirt collar for the smaller Boys.


Shop our matching Pocket Squares here. 

Of course, an Elasticated Bow Tie is much safer and more comfortable for younger children as these can be stretched and can't be pulled too tight.


The Banded Dickie Bows are suitable for children from ages 5 years to 16 years, with an adjustable band and hook for easy fastening, hidden beneath the Bow. This Bow is slightly larger than the Elasticated Bow Tie for better proportions.


Of course, mixing and matching accessories is great fun, but if you're looking for something classic, we do also offer a range of matching Bow Tie and Hanky sets which are available here.




Our range of Full-Length Ties are actually about 5 inches shorter than a standard tie, this means that it is suitable for children between 5 -16 years, these can be tied to the length you want to achieve, easily!


Whether the look you're going for is formal or fashionable, we offer classic and skinny versions of a lot of our Full-Length Ties so that you have a variety of choice! If you're looking for a luxurious full-length tie with a matching hanky, look no further.


We also offer a range of Pre-Knotted Elasticated Skinny and Classic Ties for children under 5 years to match the older children.


You can learn more about how to tie your tie in previous blog posts here.