The Most Popular Baby Names Over The Past 10 Years

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The Most Popular Baby Names Over The Past 10 Years

As we start to approach the end of the year, it’s natural for us to look over events and accomplishments we have achieved, so why not look over the most popular baby names in the UK over the years? We’ve also taken a look at the most popular names of 2022 so far, so take a look if you have a little one on the way and need some inspo!


We’ve researched the top 5 boys and girls names in England and Wales starting in the year 2012. Oliver and Olivia were the top choices for the majority of the years, have a look below to see what other names were top picks.



If you, like many others, have a special occasion that you need the perfect outfit for, why not make it extra-special with an outfit with the same name? Here are a few options we have that share their name with some featured on the lists above. 



Looking back over the last year there have been a few factors that are sure to have influenced the top names of 2022; From the Platinum Jubilee to the death of Queen Elizabeth, top TV shows like Peaky Blinders and Euphoria and, high-profile court cases such as Heard vs Depp. 

The top 10 boy and girl names of the year 2022 so far are: 



Take a look on parenting site BabyCentre for the full list of the top 100 boys and girls names of 2022 so far.


We know it’s hard choosing the one thing that your child will have forever and deciding whether to go in the more traditional or unique direction can sometimes be tricky. For inspiration, why not take a look at the below graph created by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to see how popular any names that have peaked your interest have been since 1996? 


We hope this information helps you if you are a parent-to-be looking for name ideas! Or maybe you're after an outfit sharing the same name as your little one to make an event extra-special? Either way, why not take a look at our baby items for further inspiration?